Running Late is a mystery visual novel (no choices) where you are approached by a mysterious girl while waiting for your girlfriend who's running late.

Estimated time to play: 5-10 minutes.

This story treats you as intelligent and doesn't hold your hand. 

You'll have all the pieces to make sense of the mystery yourself. 

Best of luck!


This game was made for the O2A2 VN Jam 2023, a micro Visual Novel jam with strict asset limitations and a 1000 word limit. 

There were only 10 days allowed to work on this, but I had a ton of things going on in my personal life to a point where I only had about 3 days to actually make the game.

My goal is to continue to improve the game outside the jam, but I'll keep the O2A2 version around so you can see its original form.

For instance, there are some arbitrary rules that I had to follow in order to keep things limited to "one asset", but I'd like to generally improve the feel of the game by adding more graphics and sounds, and with much more polish.

Regardless, the mystery is fully solvable and makes sense when you know the answer. Enjoy! 

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so ig, delaney robbed the jewelery store and killed his date?

Hmm, this seems like a murder robbery ploy with a diversion and a simple hook with it, though. What i am not getting is why drug ben if the job was already finished.


Well you sure have me stumped! I'll be puzzling over this all night. Nice! :)


Thanks for playing! I do intend to post an "answer key" at some point, but first I want to give people some time to figure it out on their own. You can do it!~