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Detective Butler: Maiden Voyage Murder is a linear (kinetic) murder mystery visual novel. The full game is about 3-5 hours long, with the Choices DLC adding another 3-5 hours of branching gameplay and alternate endings.

Follow Detective Butler and his sidekick Gilligan as they solve a locked-room murder during a haunted cruise ship's maiden voyage. Can you solve the mystery before Detective Butler reveals the answer?

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In 1962, a popular cruise ship goes out of business after the accidental deaths of two of its passengers. The ship remains a tourist attraction, until it sets sail again half a century later.

The CEO of a wealthy company takes his closest employees and son Gilligan on board for the maiden voyage. Gilligan happens to meet Detective Butler during the cruise, and as the two of them delve deeper into the ship's history, another incident occurs... Will Detective Butler find the culprit before it's too late?

Meet the crew

  • Through the eyes of Gilligan, you'll get to know the members of his father's company, the workers of the cruise ship, and Detective Butler himself.

Enjoy the atmosphere

  • Hundreds of photo-filtered backgrounds and 29 lively music tracks create the backdrop for a mysterious cruise on the Pacific Ocean.

Review your notes

  • During the game, your journal will update with any relevant information regarding the suspects and any evidence found.

Solve the mystery!

  • Just like any classic fair-play detective story, the case can be solved through careful observation and deduction.

A description of the character Gilligan Golder

A description of the character Detective Butler

A description of the character Galvano Golder.

A description of the character Howard Iujuan.

A description of the character Eliza Jones.

A description of the character Blythe Calico.

A description of the character Cecila Querida.

A description of the character Donald Ackerley.

A description of the character Captain Jack Equinox.

Be sure to also check out the Choices DLC and the sequel below:


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It was amazing

It was so good, but soooo short!! now I kinda want to know more about Butler's adventures, guess I'll just dream on...

I want to play this game, but unfortunately it shows nothing but a white screen, the sound is perfectly fine though, trying to find some solutions online but nothing helps... :(

hello~ i'm interested on playing this game. however, on the zip folder it didn't seem any apk file... so how i can play this on android? thank you very much ^ ^

(1 edit)

After looking into things, it seems the Android version isn't working properly at the moment. In the past the game could be read with the ONScripter Plus Android App, but since we increased the screen resolution the game no longer fits the phone screen. We'll remove the tag until it is fixed. In the meantime, you can still play on other platforms. Sorry for the confusion, and thank you for bringing this to our attention.