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This DLC is intended for those who have already finished playing the base game and know the answer to the mystery. Playing the DLC before finishing the base game is not recommended for an ideal experience.

By popular demand, this DLC brings the addition of choices to the world of Detective Butler: Maiden Voyage Murder.

Playing the game with this DLC installed will allow you to see choices throughout the game. Some choices might simply show you a different scene and then place you back on the main path, while others will completely change the route and ending of the story.

These new routes are designed to answer some loose ends that had been speculated on in the community threads, as well as shine some spotlight on the characters who didn't receive enough attention during the main game. Some ideas that were scrapped during development may also be included. In total, the combined length of all routes is about half the size of the entire base game.

Release Date: April 27th, 2020.

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