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Want to experience the thrill of trading crypto-currencies without any of the financial risk?

Crypto Traders is a crypto-currency exchange simulation game, focused entirely on the trading aspect. No mining or repetitive clicking -- just use your brain to trade coins and make a profit. Buy low and sell high!

With a small initial investment of 0.005 BTC, you intend to repay your massive student loan debt by getting into new coins and getting out of exit scams at just the right times. Can you do one better and pay off your mortgage, too?

This game was made as an entry for the Crypto Game Jam. Due to the short time limit, it's still a big work in progress, but there's enough to play around with for now. I just thought this kind of game would be fun and decided to attempt making it, that's all. So enjoy!


04/06/2018 - Saving/loading, ends after 30 days, other minor fixes

To-Do List:

- Prices change based on more realistic factors (right now it is random and very small changes, needs to be relative to the current price)

- Buy/sell orders should not be immediately fulfilled, but based on supply and demand

- Transaction fees for placing orders

- Order history and other market data

- Candlestick charts

- Probably a lot more


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I tried the game and your graphs look pretty realistic, but none of the orders seemed to go through. I sped up time to see if they would take a day or something. Not sure what is happening. The Order History didn't show anything. Also, it didn't really show when I entered and when I left on the graph. Maybe I'm misunderstanding how you are buying and selling in the game. Not sure if its a bug or operator error. :P

First, thanks for playing! This game was made for a crypto game jam last year and I was unable to finish everything in time. So the simple answer is that unfortunately it doesn't work yet, and what you are playing is what I was able to get finished before the deadline. 

That said, I have continued to learn a lot about crypto, trading, and technical analysis during the past year, so I would like to return to this project one day and improve it (and finish it). I am totally open to suggestions, so if you have any, feel free to let me know.

Cool. I've always wanted to fall in love with a trading game, but never found one to fall in love with, so go for it. It would be easy to try and add bells and whistles and quickly get overwhelmed. Instead, remember minimum viable product. I recently watched "subnautica post mortem" on youtube and found the business advice invaluable. I'm new to game dev, but I'm a writer and understand the concept of a highly competitive market. Find the things that make your product completely unique and see if people like it. Any way, let me know if you make significant changes and I'll do some more play testing for you.